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    Configuring S3 Buckets

    This topic explains how to configure one or more AWS S3 buckets to use as a destination for Cloud Playout channels.


    You can use AWS S3 buckets as either the sole destination for a Cloud Playout channel or in addition to an RTMP address or Brightcove Live. The Configuration page allows you to set up the configuration for your bucket(s) once instead of each time you create a channel.

    Configuring buckets

    To configure one or more S3 buckets to use with Cloud Playout, follow the steps below.

    1. In Cloud Playout, click Configuration in the menu on the left:
      Go to Configuration
      Go to Configuration
    2. Click Add New.
    3. Enter the bucket name, access key, secret key, and region.
    4. Click Add.

    For information on how to generate an access key and secret key, see How do I create an AWS access key?

    Page last updated on 04 May 2022