Common Required Information for Submitting Apps

In this topic, you will learn about common information that you will need for all stores.

Common Required Information

You will need to set up your accounts at the various stores. The following information will be required by all the stores.

  • Seller Name
  • App Title
  • Description - There may be character limitations depending on store requirements and if multiple languages are supported within the application, then multiple descriptions for all the languages will be required
  • Homepage
  • Rating
  • Video and Audio codec information
  • Category Information
  • Target region - To which countries the application will be distributed
  • Language(s) supported in the application. Choose from German, English, Spanish, French Canadian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian and Chinese.
  • Language(s) for description(s) (if applicable)
  • Customer contact details: Name, phone numbers, email and physical address
  • Email address - For stores to get in touch with the customer regarding any questions or issues