Getting Started
This section provides guides to help you get started with Brightcove Beacon.
Syncing with Video Cloud
This section cover synchronizing Video Cloud with the Brightcove Beacon Experience.
Using Brightcove Beacon
Topics on using Beacon to build your OTT apps.
Documents to help you implement monetizing your content.
Beacon Web Store
The Beacon Web Store is a service that enables Beacon licensees to implement subscriptions in Bring Your Own (BYO) web stores.
App Publishing and Behavior
This section provides guidance on submitting your apps to the app stores and behaviors of your OTT apps.
Learn how to use video analytics to check the performance and engagement of your videos.
Beacon Plugins
This section contains topics on Beacon plugins.
Reference docs for Brightcove Beacon.
Get training on Brightcove products.
Learn how to get help from Brightcove Support