Remote Asset Limitations

In this topic, you will learn limitations of using remote assets videos in your Brightcove Beacon app.

Remote asset limitations

The following are limitations you should be aware of when using remote asset videos:

  • SSAI is not supported for remote assets.
  • DRM is supported only if you can customize the player to communicate with the DRM license server. This is possible with the Brightcove Player through a plugin. For other players, you will need to consult the player documentation.
  • All videos ingested into Video Cloud can be played back in the Brightcove Player. For non-Brightcove players, which is you will mostly encounter in Brightcove Beacon, you will need to verify that the video format is fully supported by each platform. Also, there are a few advanced features of DASH and HLS that Brightcove do not yet support

For further information on remote asset videos see the Video Cloud document Working with Remote Asset Videos. Be aware you will view this video in a new tab.