Configuring Live SSAI with Brightcove Beacon Channels

In this topic, you will learn how to set Live SSAI Ads to a Brightcove Beacon Channel.


Configuring the Video Cloud Ad

  1. In Video Cloud Studio select the LIVE module.
  2. Create or open the Live SSAI Channel you want to use with Brightcove Beacon.
  3. In the Control Room, click Publish and Embed from the left panel.
  4. In the Live Player Options section, from the dropdown select the Ad Configuration you want to set.
  5. Once selected a new Standard Embed Code will appear.
  6. Extract the adConfigId by copying part of the URL that is assigned to the adConfigId, as shown in the image.

Create the Advertisement in Brightcove Beacon

  1. Return to the Brightcove Beacon platform.
  2. Click Advertisement.
  3. Create or select the Ad configuration you want to set.
  4. For a new Advertisement, give it a Name.
  5. Be sure that the Provider is set to Brightcove SSAI.
  6. In the Live Ad Config ID field, paste the adConfigId URL you copied in the previous section of this document.
  7. Click Create New Advertisement.

Setting Rights & Scheduling in Brightcove Beacon

  1. On the top navigation, click Channels.
  2. Select the channel whose SSAI configuration you want to set.
  3. Click the Rights & Scheduling tab.
  4. In Rights Type, select Advertising - AVOD.
  5. In Advertisement Configuration, from the dropdown select the Ad configuration just created.
  6. Click Create New Channel to save your work.