Including Non-Configurable Pages

In this topic, you will learn how to include non-configurable pages in your application design. Examples of non-configurable pages are Search, Settings, Register, etc.

Understanding non-configurable pages

There are some pages which you either must, should or can include that you cannot customize inside Brightcove Beacon. You either choose to include the page or not. You may have chosen a specific layout over others for these pages when you worked through the document Creating Your Application Design - Layout Options . For instance, following are the three layouts from which you selected one for the Settings page:


When you create a page that displays the settings, which is the Page Type named custom-settings , you see you cannot add other content to the page:


When you create or edit a page, the Page Type selection offers the following:


The following table displays the non-configurable page types, including a description and its use.

Page Type Description Use
custom-downloads Not supported N/A
custom-exit Provides functionality to quit an app. Required on some platforms, mainly smart TV.
custom-logout Provides functionality to logout of an app. After logout, the user is left on the landing page or makes the user an anonymous user. Required if you have registered users, as would be the case for most mobile platforms.
custom-settings Provides access to settings. Highly recommended
custom-signin Provides registered user login Required for registered users; not needed if you allow anonymous browsing
custom-signup Provides a way for users to register Required if app uses registered users; not needed if you allow anonymous browsing
epg- Electronic Program Guide (EPG) displays the program guide for live TV Required is app uses live channels
liveTV-preview Plays live video with player as part of a larger page, then on click/tap will play video in landscape orientation. Recommended for use over liveTV-player
my_stuff-all Provides a page with two tabs, one of which displays Recently Watched and the other tab displays Favorites. This would just be a blank page with a message saying you need to use Recently Watched and Favorites. You can also request during onboarding to have the Purchased group added to this page. Optional
my_stuff-favourites Contains the videos marked by the user as a favorite. Recommended
my_stuff-purchased Contains videos purchased by the viewer. Recommended
my_stuff-recently_watched Contains the last 20 videos watched, chronologically listed. Recommended
redirect-blank Web only; when menu option clicked redirect occurs to a new tab. Optional
redirect-self Web only; when menu option clicked redirect occurs to same tab. Optional
search- Provides input screen with an input field where you can search the content, and then presented the results. Highly recommended

Adding a non-configurable page to your app

Adding a non-configurable page to your app is rather straight forward since there is little configuration that needs to be done. At a high level the process is:

  1. In Brightcove Beacon create a new page.
  2. Add basic data, choosing the page you wish from the Navigation Type dropdown. You will NOT be allowed to add any blocks and/or layouts.
  3. Provide the rest of the data for the page, as shown in the Common Page Configuration Settings document.

For instance, if you wish to add a search page to your app, you would create a new page, in the Basic Data form you would select search- for the Navigation Type, and then complete the rest of the basic data. That form is shown here:

Select search page

That's it, your search page will be added to your app.