Managing Google Subscriptions Part 1

In this topic, you will learn how to create a service account and configure it. This is the first part of the larger process of establishing communication between your Brightcove Beacon apps and the Google Store.


This document steps you through using the Google Play Console to create a service account and then perform a couple of configuration tasks.

Create a service account

Perform the following steps to create a service account:

  1. Browse to the Google Play Console.
  2. In the top right corner, click Go to Play Console.
    Go to Play Console
  3. In the left navigation, select Setup → API access.
    Settings > Developer Account > API access
  4. Click Create new service account.
    create service account
  5. In the dialog that appears, click Google Cloud Platform.
    new service account dialog
  6. From the page to which you are redirected, click + CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT.
    service accounts
  7. In the dialog that opens, for the Service account name enter Android Subscriptions then click CREATE.
    enter service account name
  8. In step 2, from the dropdown choose the Role to be Owner then click CONTINUE.
    choose role
  9. In step 3, click DONE.
    click done

Configure the service account

Perform the following steps to configure your service account:

  1. For the service account just created, under Actions click the three vertical dots. Then click Manage keys.
    manage keys
  2. In the Keys information, select ADD KEY → Create new key
    create new key
  3. From the private key info, leave the Key type to be JSON, then click CREATE.
    json private key
  4. Be sure you see this message displayed:
    private key saved verification
  5. You need to email the private key file to your onboarding manager.
  6. You can close the tab that you opened in step 5, and click Done from the dialog that launched your service account creation process.
    click done
  7. In the Service accounts section, click Grant access next to your newly created service account.
    grant access
  8. From the Invite user page, in the Account permissions section, click the Admin (all permissions) checkbox.
    grant admin permissions
  9. In the bottom-right of the page, click Invite user.
  10. In the dialog that opens, click Send invite.