Creating Series/Seasons/Episodes

In this topic, you will learn how to create a series with related seasons and episodes.


A series is a collection of related videos shown in a particular order that usually share a common theme. When creating a series, you must define the relationships between the series, its seasons, and the associated episodes.

A season is a group of videos that cover a set period of time. Each series can have one or more seasons.

An episode is an individual video. You can think of this as a specific movie.


The following diagram shows the relationship between a series and its seasons and episodes.

Creating a Series

To create a series with seasons and episodes, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Beacon Studio.
  2. Open the Media module.
  3. Click on Create series

  4. Fill in the Overview information.

    Supply an image for the following (matching the requirements below) :
    • Portrait Poster (required)
    • Landscape Poster (required)
    • Thumbnail
    • Wide banner (required)

    If not provided, the Thumbnail image will be generated from the Portrait Poster.

    Image Requirements
    Portrait Poster

    JPEG image (2:3)

    Minimum Width: 1000px Height: 1500px
    Maximum Width: 2000px Height: 3000px
    Landscape Poster

    JPEG image (16:9)

    Minimum Width: 1000px Height: 563px
    Maximum Width: 4000px Height: 2250px
    Thumbnail JPEG image (4:3)
    Wide Banner JPEG image (21:9)
    Minimum Width: 1000px Height: 428px
    Maximum Width: 4000px Height: 1714px
  5. Click Publish

Adding a new Season

  1. In your Series, Click Create Season

  2. Fill in the Season's Overview information.

  3. Click Publish

Adding new episodes

  1. In your Season, Click Add episode
  2. Select Videos for the Season
  3. Click Select Video


Additoinal considerations


You can create availability rules for a Series or a Season. Click on the Availability tab to create a new rule set.


Changes not reflected

  1. Log in to Brightcove Beacon.
  2. Click on the Tools option (wrench icon) in the top menu.
  3. Be sure the Ingestion option is selected on the left menu.

    Brightcove Beacon ingestion
  4. Click the Update Brightcove Videos button to ingest the newly configured episode videos.
  5. To make the videos immediately available in your apps, clear Brightcove Beacon's cache by clicking on the Cache option in the left navigation, then click the Cache Purge button.