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    Managing Google Subscriptions Part 2

    In this topic, you will learn how to configure Google subscriptions' publisher/subscriber data exchange. This is the second part of the larger process of establishing communication between your Brightcove Beacon apps and the Google Store.


    This document steps you through using the Google Cloud Platform to create a Pub/Sub topic and add a previously created service account to the Pub/Sub topic.

    Create a Pub/Sub topic

    Perform the following steps to create a Pub/Sub topic:

    1. Browse to the index page for Google Cloud platform (
    2. Click the Console link in the top-right of the screen.
      click console
    3. Choose the correct project. You most likely have named your project around your app, like Beacon.
      choose project
    4. In the Search, enter pub, and once it appears, click Pub/Sub.
      search for pub/sub
    5. From the Pub/Sub page, click CREATE TOPIC.
      click create topic
    6. In the Create a topic dialog, enter the Topic ID to be subs, then click CREATE TOPIC.
      sub for topic ID
    7. On the page that appears, click ← to return to the the Topics page.
      back to topics

    Add a member to the topic

    Perform the following steps to add a service account as a member of the Pub/Sub topic:

    1. From the Topics page, for the subs topic, click More actions (the three vertical dots) then from the dropdown select View permissions.
      view permissions
    2. From the permission panel, click ADD MEMBER.
      click add member
    3. Confirm you are seeing the following form:
      add member form
    4. To get the required email address, browse to the Google Cloud Console - Service Accounts page. You will find the service account you created in the Managing Google Subscriptions Part 1 document. Copy the email address for the Android Subscriptions (or the name you chose) service account.
    5. Return to the Add members form in Google Cloud Platform.
    6. Paste the retrieved email address into the New members text field.
    7. For the role, select Pub/Sub → Pub/Sub Publisher.
    8. Click the Send notification email checkbox, and add a message.
    9. Confirm your form is filled in similar to the following:
      filled in form
    10. Click Save.
    11. From the Topics page, click the subs topic.
      click subs
    12. From the Topic details, copy the Topic name (note there is built in copy button, outlined in red).
      copy topic name
    13. Send this name to your onboarding manager.

    Page last updated on 12 Mar 2021