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    Device Apps Validation Guide

    In this topic, you will learn information to validate the behavior or your device application(s) so that you can submit them to corresponding stores.


    At some point in the development of your apps from the Brightcove Beacon Experience you will be given test builds to be sure the apps are behaving as you wish. This document will provide information on each of the following:

    • Testing categories: Define broad areas for testing.
    • Tips: Suggestions and insights to follow when performing the testing.
    • Reporting: The procedure to following if you encounter issues in your testing.

    Testing categories

    Brightcove recommends the following areas be tested and questions answered:

    • Design and Features:
      • Does the experience match the agreed upon mock-ups?
      • Is all the requested functionality available?
    • Page Layout and Content:
      • Are the pages setup as expected?
      • Is the expected content showing up in each of the pages?
    • Monetization Setup:
      • Are ads appearing as expected?
      • Are subscriptions showing for correspondent assets?
      • Can the users purchase and get entitled to content as expected?


    Please consider the following tips when performing your validation:

    • First pass: Choose ONE of the platforms and go through the different areas of testing on that platform. Start with Design and Features, then move on to Page Layout and Content and lastly to Monetization Setup testing.
    • Additional rounds of testing: As you finish the first pass for each area, move on to other platforms that are available. If an issue is applicable to multiple platforms, please note that in any previously reported tickets.
    • Testing fixes: Fixes for reported issues will be in one of these three areas:
      • The Brightcove Beacon Experience (no app updates needed)
      • In the app(s)
      • The Brightcove Beacon backend

      If the fix is in the app, a new build will be provided with details of what was fixed. For other areas, Brightcove would provide details in the ticket on what was fixed. To speed up fixing and retesting, it is very important that the tickets provide details on the issue, and steps to help with retesting.


    Brightcove recommends that you report issues as you encounter them to keep the feedback flowing to Brightcove and have the issues fixed and turned around for validation as quickly as possible. Please report one issue/ticket per problem and provide the following information in each issue/ticket:

    • Platform tested
    • The app version in which the issue was found
    • Steps to reproduce
    • Please include screenshots or screen movies to help speed up identifying the problem and providing a resolution

    Page last updated on 12 Jun 2020