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Submitting Device Apps to Stores

This document highlights required information needed by different vendors so submit an app to their store.

Common Required Information

You will need to set up your accounts at the various stores. The following information will be required by all the stores.

  • Seller Name
  • App Title
  • Description - There may be character limitations depending on store requirements and if multiple languages are supported within the application, then multiple descriptions for all the languages will be required
  • Homepage
  • Rating
  • Video and Audio codec information
  • Category Information
  • Target region - To which countries the application will be distributed
  • Language(s) supported in the application.
  • Language(s) for description(s) (if applicable)
  • Customer contact details: Name, phone numbers, email and physical address
  • Email address - For stores to get in touch with the customer regarding any questions or issues

Apple TV & iOS

Required information for Apple TV:

  • App Name
  • Primary Language
  • Bundle ID (for instance: com. companyname . productname )
  • SKU (for instance:[appname] applettv)
  • Subtitle - A summary of your app that will appear under your app’s name on the App Store for customers with devices running tvOS 11 or later - Optional field
  • Apple TV Privacy Policy
  • Category
    • Primary and Secondary (optional)
  • Rating
  • App price
  • Territory availability (Countries where you want to release the app)
  • Up to 3 app previews and 5 screenshots (1920x1080 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Promotional Text (up to 170 characters)
  • Keywords
  • Description (up to 4000 characters)
  • Support URL
  • Marketing URL (optional)
  • Version
  • Rating
  • Copyright: The name of the person or entity that owns the exclusive rights to your app, preceded by the year the rights were obtained (for example, 2008 Acme Inc. ). Do not provide a URL.
  • Representative Contact information
    • First and Last Name
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Postal code
    • Country
    • Phone Number
    • Email
  • App Review Information
    • Sign in Information (username and password)
    • Contact Information (First and Last name, Phone number and email)
    • Notes
  • Version Release

Required information for iOS:

  • Name (30 characters max.) + Subtitle(Optional)
  • Privacy Policy URL
  • Support URL (A URL with support information for your app; This URL will be visible on the App Store)
  • Marketing URL (Optional - A URL with marketing information about your app. This URL will be visible on the App Store)
  • Bundle ID eg: com.[company].[productName]
  • Price tier
  • Availability per country (Worldwide or any country restriction)
  • Main Language
  • Category (Please check here for the available ones: )
  • Secondary Category (Optional)
  • One or more keywords
  • Promotional text (Promotional text lets you inform your App Store visitors of any current app features without requiring an updated submission. This text will appear above your description on the App Store for customers with devices running iOS 11 or later, and macOS 10.13 or later.)
  • Copyright (The name of the person or entity that owns the exclusive rights to your app, preceded by the year the rights were obtained (for example, 2008 Acme Inc. ) - do not provide a URL)
  • Release Date (Automatic after store review or schedule to a specific date)
  • Screenshots specifications: ( )
  • Logos
    • 1024 x 1024 app icon
    • splash screen static logo

Android Mobile & Android TV

Required information for Android Mobile:

  • App Title - 50 characters
  • Short Description - 80 characters
  • Full description - 4000 characters
  • Note : All of this metadata should be translated to all languages if available.
  • App ID - example - com.myco.tvcable
  • Keystore to sign the package
  • Application type
  • Category
  • Screenshots
    • Standard - English (UK) - en-GB
    • JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha). Minimum page length: 320px. Maximum page length: 3840px.
    • You must upload at least one 7-inch screenshot and one 10-inch screenshot to allow your app to appear in the Developed to tablets list in the Play Store. If you have previously uploaded screenshots, move them to the appropriate area below.
  • High resolution icon
    • Standard - English (UK) - en-GB
    • 512 x 512
    • 32-bit PNG (with alpha)
  • Feature Graphic
    • Standard - English (UK) - en-GB
    • 1024b x 500h
    • JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha)
  • Logo Icon
    • 192 x192 app icon (one square and one round)
    • Client to set up App logins for QA in store

Required information for Android TV

  • Application
  • APK package created with a generated signature
  • Title
  • Short Description
  • Full Description
  • Screenshots
    • JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha). Up to 8 can be uploaded
    • 1280x720
  • Hi-res icon
    • 512 x 512
    • 32-bit PNG (with alpha)
  • Banner
    • 320 x 180
    • 24-bit PNG
  • IC_launcher
    • 256 x256
    • 24-bit PNG
  • Feature Graphic
    • 1024w x 500h
    • JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha)
  • Client to set up App logins for QA in store


Required information for Roku:

  • Poster and screenshot requirements
    • Channel Poster (540x405)
    • Screenshots up to 1920x1080
  • Developer Email
  • Preferred URL for more information
  • Administrative Contact (Name / Phone / Email)
  • Technical Contact (Name / Phone / Email)
  • Client to set up App logins for QA in store


Required information for Samsung:

  • Applications
    • Tizen – Widget file
  • Description
  • Icons for 16 Model Group
  • Logo Asset
    • With Transparency
    • 1920x1080 pixel 32 bit
    • PNG (RGBA) with 300kb
  • Background Image
    • 1920x1080 pixel 24 bit
    • PNG (RGBA) with 300kb
  • Icon For Legacy Model Group
  • Icon
    • 512x423 pixel
    • 300kb
  • Screenshot images (x4)
  • 1280x720 or 1920x1080 pixel, 500kb
  • Description
  • PowerPoint submission document – Needs to be uploaded on the portal when submitting

LG & WebOS

Required information for LG & WebOS:

  • Application
  • Description
  • LG – URL to the application
  • WebOS – IPK and Deeplink URL
  • App Icon (WebOs & Netcast)
    • Recommended: 400x400 pixels or greater(Square Type Only)
    • Available File: JPG, GIF, PNG(Max 5MB)
  • Icon & Logo
    • PNG
    • 80 x 80
    • 130 x 130
  • App Tile Color
    • Icon to display a solid background color
    • Logo should have a flat background color and customer must provide Brightcove with the exact same hex value of that background color for the flat logo in LG webOS TV.
  • Primary Screenshot
    • Recommended Image Size: 960x540, 1280x720 pixel (Square Type Only)
    • Available File : JPG, GIF, PNG(Max 5MB)
  • Secondary Screenshots
    • At least two secondary screenshots must be uploaded, with the same guidelines as the primary screenshot.
  • Documentation
    • app_description_3 0.ppt
    • app_self_evaluation_checklist_3 2.xlsx
    • WebOS and LG need to have separate copies of the same documents. A submission will be rejected if data is missing or incorrect. There are small differences within the documents in regards to WebOS and Netcast, so they must be changed accordingly.


Required information for Amazon:

  • Large icon (512 × 512 PNG with transparency)
  • Between three and ten screenshots (PNGs or JPGs).
    • These images must not appear distorted, stretched, or pixelated when viewed in the UI.
    • Please provide Fire TV screen shots when you submit your app, or use screenshots that can represent your app generically for all devices.
    • Note that if you do not provide Amazon Fire TV-specific screen shots for your app in the submission process, any phone or tablet screen shots you have provided are used to represent your app in the Fire TV App Store.


Required information for Panasonic:

  • Application
    • Application URL and Application Staging URL
  • Description
    • Maximum 1024 characters
    • Maximum 26 lines
    • Each line consisting of maximum 85 characters (or 44 Asian characters)
    • Please insert line breaks wherever appropriate
  • Icons
    • Four icon images are needed:
      • 160x112 (PNG)
      • Banner style icon 256x60 (PNG)
      • 360x252 (PNG)
      • Round circle icon diameter 336x336 (PNG)
  • Screenshot
    • At least one is needed
    • 480w x 270h PNG
    • They are displayed on the application detail page in the Market

Page last updated on 19 Feb 2020